Whissenhunt in Transition in 2017

A little over 2 years ago, an RTP (Recreational Trails Program) grant in the amount or $240,000 was issued to the US Forest Service for trail work at Whissenhunt.

The project includes an assessment of the trail system that was completed during the winter of 2015.  The assessment made recommendations for several re-routes, bridge replacements, and suggestions for ongoing trail maintenance.  Work on the project was to have started in the winter of 2016.  But due the untimely death of ranger Taylor Hamilton, who was heading up the project, it has been delayed. In the mean time, GARTRA workdays have continued at Whissenhunt to cover the in-kind match towards the grant, with attendance being higher than in previous years.

The USFS has recently notified GARTRA that work on the project will begin as of  February 1, 2017, and that Whissenhunt is expected to be open on time, by March 31, 2017.  However, the USFS has also let us know that work will continue throughout 2017 with temporary closings of the park and/or specific trails within the park as needed.

So, expect to see some significant changes at Whissenhunt this year.

Remember, if you want to join us at a Whizzy workday, we will be there every 3rd Sunday of each month, 9:00 am.